About us

Canadian Odd Squad is a 100% non profit all breed, Animal Rescue. We run entirely on a volunteer, foster based system out of Nova Scotia, Canada. We help animals in need of re-homing both globally and locally, regardless of their geographical location and circumstance, ones deemed urgent and non-urgent, stray dogs, both medical and non medical dogs, from "kill" & "no kill" shelters, of any age and breed. We also aide in the assistance of local owner surrenders with a non judgmental approach.

All of our dogs are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated and come with their health records and Nova Scotia health certificate. We carefully and thoroughly screen all dogs and potential adopters to ensure that the dogs are placed in their forever homes.

Our rescue is fueled by volunteers including our fosters as we have no physical shelter and rely on people opening their hearts and homes to animals in need. We are funded solely on the fundraisers we do and donations from our generous contributors to continue to save lives.


Mission Statement

We aim to provide the best possible care for animals who are in need. We strive to do so in a responsible and ethical way. We also endeavour to promote responsible pet ownership through education wherever possible. We seek to partner with both local and global shelters and rescues to lower the number of animals in need whenever it is reasonably attainable. All of our animals will be altered, unless there is a medical reason why they cannot be, vaccinated and all medical otherwise while in our care.

We believe a life is a life regardless of location and circumstance that a dog may be coming from before entering Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue and every dog should have the opportunity of freedom and to live and find their forever family and home.

We believe it is key to team up with shelters and other rescues to truly make a lasting change in all of these animals lives. We share our resources, volunteers and more when available with other rescues, shelters and groups that work to also help and save animals lives around the globe.

We use a non-judgemental approach in order for those unable to care for their animals any longer to put their mind at ease that their animals will have the best life possible outside of their home. If they have to surrender their pets we will help in any way we can, whether it be taking the dog into our rescue or even just helping to screen potential adopters to ensure a safe and happy forever home is found.

Our goal is to match dogs who find themselves without a home, with people that are compatible with the adoptable dogs lifestyle, energy, breed, and more to ensure a forever home is found.


It takes a village

We value our volunteers as they are an invaluable part of our rescue to run. It takes a village to make a difference and we could not do this alone.