Dog Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue dog. By adopting a rescue dog you are saving two lives; the dog you adopt and the one that can come take their place in our care.

We want to let you know that applying for a dog does not guarantee adoption. We aim for forever homes for our dogs and we match the dog and adopter, with the best compatible application. We primarily base this on the dog’s energy level and your household’s energy level, activity level, and lifestyle. This is to ensure that the dog goes to the best match for them and reduces the risk that the dog will find itself without a home again in its lifetime. We also sometimes get more than one perfect fitting family and application in which case we will keep those adoption applications for future dogs coming into our care.

If you have found a dog that you are interested in, you can begin the process by completing an adoption application found at the bottom of this page. If you do not see a dog that you are interested in yet, but wish to fill out an application for us to keep on file, please do so the same way by filling out the application at the bottom of this page. This way we can pre-approve your application and have you on file if a dog comes into our care that fits your family.

We review each adoption application in great detail. Please be sure to fill out all questions, and with as much detail as you think you should include, the more, the better! If you have current pets, please be sure not only to include your vet reference but as well as be sure to call your vet to give them permission to speak with us. If you are a good match on paper for the dog you are applying for and your references have checked out positive, one of our board members will be calling to set up a home visit with you and speak in more detail of the adoption process.

Once everything is approved including all references and a home visit, you will have a sleepover with the dog so that your family and the dog will have the opportunity to ensure you are compatible and a perfect fit. The payment will be made to Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue and adoption papers will be signed prior to the sleepover. There is a three week grace period for possible refund upon discussion if the dog does not match your home and family.

Puppies are adopted with first set of vaccinations. Adopters are required (in addition to a reduced adoption fee) to pay for the 2nd and 3rd set of vaccinations, alteration (spay/neuter) and microchip at the vet of your choice. Adoptions are conditional on proof of spay/neuter at 6 months of age. We also require confidence classes or puppy classes for all dogs adopted out under 6 months of age.

We aim for forever homes for our dogs, but if you find yourself in a predicament at anytime where you are unable to care for the dog you've adopted, Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue takes the dog back into their care. We make the adoption process and transition go as smoothly as possible for both adopter and dog, and love to keep in contact with all of our adopters.

Please note that we do require all animals in the home to be up to date on their core vaccines, and spayed/neutered for both the health of the animals in our care, and your own personal animals.

In addition, should your application be successful a copy of formal ID matching the name of the application will be required for our records.

You can view the available dogs here

You can apply to adopt one of our dogs on line here

Printable version of adoption form to be mailed in here

If you are looking to be pre-approved for adoption rather than to apply for a specific dog at this time, the application form can be found here

A printable, mail-in version of the pre-approved for adoption form can be found here.

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