Owner Surrender

Owner Surrender

Here at Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue we use a non-judgemental approach when you unfortanately need to rehome your pet. When you are not able to give your pet the life you know they deserve, we are here to help give your animal that. Whether you surrender to our rescue to have rehomed, look at other options like doggy daycare or training to keep from rehoming or even allowing us to help in screening homes, we are here to ensure the best is done for you and your pet!

Odd Squad Rescue relies on our foster homes to foster the dogs that come to us, so they are in a family home before they are adopted out. During this time we fully vet the dog, and assess the type of home they will thrive in to ensure they go to a forever home when adopted out. This is one of the reasons it is very important to not leave out any history, or omit any facts or behaviour issues in your owner surrender application/form. We rely on our foster homes to aide in saving these dogs, but our foster homes also rely on us to keep them, their pets and their families safe during this time. They have other animals, dogs, cats, and especially children in their home.
It is vital that you include all information you know about your animal and fill out the owner surrender form in complete entirety with as much detail as possible. This allows us to place your animal in a correct setting foster home that fits their behaviour and keeps everyone comfortable and safe including the animal you are surrendering. Please be as honest and include as much detail and information as you can when surrendering your animal to us.

The Odd Squad Rescue is here to help safely rehome in any way we can, and if you are not comfortable fully surrendering your dog to our rescue, we also help in screening adoptive homes all while the animal stays in your home! For more information on this route or to surrender a dog please email Elizabeth@oddsquadrescue.com

Sometimes the hardest thing to do, is the best for your pet, if you end up needing to rehome yours, let us help!

Printable version of surrender form to be mailed in here

On-line surrender form:

Name :

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Are you the dog's owner?

Name of the dog(s):

Dog(s) age / Date of birth:

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How long have you been the owner the dog?

General description of the dog(s):

How old was the dog when you got it?

Where did you get it?

Where does the dog sleep at night?

Where do you keep the dog when you have to leave the house?

Is the dog housebroken?

Is the dog crate trained?

Is the dog destructive when left alone?

How many hours a day is your dog left alone?

When left alone does the dog?

When allowed outside unsupervised the dog was?

When allowed outside unsupervised did the dog:

Has the dog been consistently around children?

If yes, please list ages of children:

How does the dog play with children?

Have the dog’s experiences with children always been positive?

If no, please explain:

Has this dog ever lived with cats?

Does it like cats and is good with them?

Has the dog ever hurt a cat?

Does it get along with other dogs?

Does the dog live with other dogs?

If yes, please list ages, sex and breed of other dogs:

Has the dog ever been allowed to play with other dogs?

Has it ever been in a dog fight in which either dog was injured?

If yes, explain How does your dog react when meeting new dogs?

How does your dog react:

When new visitors enter the house?

When you take away it’s favorite toy or bone?

When it’s disturbed while sleeping?

You go near or take away their food?

When people enter the yard?

When other animals enter the yard or house?

Would you say that most of the time the dog is (select all that apply):

What type of people does the dog feel most comfortable with? :

Is the dog afraid of (Please select all that apply): :

If "Other" Please explain:

Type of dog food fed?

Human food allowed?

Raw food diet?

Any food allergies?

If "Yes" Please explain:

Any other allergies?

If "Other" Please explain:

What is your dogs favourite toy, activity, treats, etc?

How was the dog trained (Please select all that apply): :

Will the dog let you groom it?

Clip its nails?

Bathe it?

If no to any of the above, please explain:

What, if any, behavioural problems does the dog have?

Has the dog ever bit a person for any reason? (Please know that this question does not necessarily determine the outcome of the dog.)

If yes, please describe the circumstances in as much detail as possible:

What are two things you like most about the dogs behaviour?

What are two things you don’t like about the dogs behaviour?

Why are you surrendering this pet? (Please give detailed explanation of why)

What would have to happen for you to keep this dog?

Who is your dog’s vet?

Is your dog neutered or spayed?

When was your dog’s last vaccination?

Rabies vaccinated?

If yes, when?

Does your dog have any medical problems?

If yes, please describe

Is it on any medications?

If yes, please describe

Are you willing to give permission for your vet to release the dog's vet records to Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue?

Additional Comments:

I have decided to surrender complete care and control of my dog listed above to Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue on the date of

I certify that the information provided on this form is true and correct, and further that I have not falsified or omitted any information or history of the above dog. I further understand that by providing this information Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue is under no obligation to accept my dog. Upon signing I understand that I no longer have ownership rights to the above named dog after signing this document if Canadian Odd Squad Animal Recue accepts the above dog into their care and rescue. By submitting this form, I declare that I am the owner of the dog described above. I declare that the above information is correct and I have not concealed or withheld any information regarding this dog and its history. I understand that falsification or omission of information regarding the above described dog may result in my being held liable for future actions of the dog; for future medical expenses of the dog; or for legal expenses involved in any dispute of my right to surrender this dog to Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue.

I understand that this information may be released to any potential foster home or adoptive home.

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Hereon after the above said dog is signed legally over to Canadian Odd Squad Animal Rescue.

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